How long do the camera batteries last?

Blink cameras can last for up to Two Years* on a single pair of non-rechargeable AA Lithium batteries, this is defined as 40,000 seconds of Motion Clips and Live View.  This is the average use for the majority of Blink camera systems. 

Here are a few things that can affect battery life:
•    Using Alkaline or re-chargeable batteries. (We DO NOT recommend this)
•    Slow internet connection speeds
•    Extreme temperatures
•    Weak signal strength from a camera to the Wi-fi and/or the Sync Module

DO NOT use AA Lithium Ion or Li-Ion batteries as these carry a higher voltage and may cause issues with your camera.

The recommended replacement batteries can be purchased here.

* A new set of non-rechargeable AA lithium batteries should last for a total of 40,000 seconds of motion-activated video recordings and/or live video. We define standard or typical use as approximately 10, 5-second video events per day.

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