Mounting your Blink Camera

Your Blink camera comes with a mounting bracket and a screw.

To begin mounting your Blink camera, please remove the back cover of the unit.

Flip over the camera backplate, there is a circular piece of plastic that needs to be removed. All you need to do is press on this piece of plastic from the inside of the back cover.

Once the circular insert has been removed, your backplate should look like this:

At this point, you can reattach the back cover to the camera and then attach the mounting bracket by firmly pressing it until you hear it snap in place.

Use Live View for this camera by tapping this icon .  You should hold your camera in the location you plan to install it.  Verify that this location will give you a good view of the area you are trying to cover. 

The best motion detection occurs when a subject walks across the field of view from one side to another rather than directly toward or away from the camera.  Please keep this in mind for optimal motion detection before mounting your camera.

Once you find the optimal location for your camera, screw the mount into place.  Please note, use of the included screw for mounting will create a hole in the wall surface. 

Once mounted to the wall, you can rotate the mounting bracket and open and close the hinge to pick the perfect angle for your camera.  Use the Live View  button to verify positioning. See examples below:

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