How to adjust Camera Settings

To access the settings for a particular camera, tap the settings icon (this is the gear icon located above your cameras thumbnail picture on the main screen).
You will see the following available on your Settings page:

Name: Camera name that will be displayed on your Home screen.

Battery: This will tell you if your battery is OK or if it needs to be replaced.
Temperature (BETA): This will tell you the current temperature of that camera.  If you tap on that, you can enable temperature alerts as well as calibrate the thermometer.

Motion Detection:
Enable: This setting dictates if a camera is included when arming your system.  If enabled , the camera will detect motion when armed, if disabled , it will not detect motion.
Retrigger time: The length of time from the completion of one motion clip to the start of another.  This can be set from 10-60 seconds.
Sensitivity: Controls the sensitivity of the motion sensor; low sensitivity means it will not detect small changes in motion (i.e. from a pet), high sensitivity means it will detect nearly all motion.
Clip length: Sets the length of motion clips recorded; this can be set between 5 and 60 seconds.
End clip early if motion stops: The clip will end if the camera does not detect any further motion.

Illuminator: (this section controls the light that can be used in low light settings to illuminate the camera's field of view)
Control: If set to Off, the illuminator will not turn on.  If set to On, the illuminator will always turn on.  If set to Auto, the illuminator will only turn on when low light is detected.
Intensity: This value controls how bright the illuminator is when it turns on.  This value can be set to Low, Medium or High.

Enable: If enabled, audio will be captured in Live View and motion clips.  If disabled, audio will not be captured in motion clips and Live View. 

Quality: This allows you to change the video quality of your Blink camera.  More information about the different modes can be found here.

This section shows the Signal Strength from the last time the camera connected.  When moving your camera it is a good idea to return here and check these values to ensure you have a good signal strength.

Delete Camera: This button removes the camera from your Blink system, it will no longer appear on the home screen. 

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