How can I receive notifications of motion detection?

Your Blink system can send an alert to your mobile device when motion is detected.  Ensure you have armed your system for motion detection by following our article here.  Verify that your Blink system is recording clips by viewing your clips roll, follow our instructions here.  If your system is armed for motion and generating clips, you can enable notifications in your device's Settings.

iOS users:
Ensure you have Allow Notifications On and select the notification types you would prefer. 

Android users:
Settings>Notification Center>Blink
Ensure you have Allow notifications On and select the notification types you would prefer. 

Please note you will not receive notifications when you are on your Blink Clip Roll screen.  To test notifications, head to the Blink app home screen, ensure your system is armed and then trigger motion on your camera. 

Please note that you must be signed in to the Blink app to receive notifications on your mobile device. 

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