My sync module does not start up (no LEDS) when plugged in.

There are a small number of Sync Module Power supplies that do not always power up correctly if they are plugged in with the Sync Module already connected.  They will operate if they are plugged into the wall BEFORE the Sync Module is connected, so the problem may occur after the system has been set up and operating correctly if the house AC power is interrupted for any reason. 
Blink buys these supplies directly from a power module manufacturer, and the issue has been traced to a particular lot.  Blink will ship a replacement supply to anyone who has been affected by this problem.  Please use the Email Us link to contact customer service for a replacement. 
How to tell if you have an affected unit:  Unplug the USB supply from the wall.  Ensure that the SM is connected to the USB supply with the cable, then, plug the USB supply into the wall socket.  Normally, the SM will flash it’s LEDs and boot up correctly.   However, If the module is one of the defective lot, the SM will not boot; this state can be determined  by looking at the status LEDs on the SM.  If there are no LEDs on, or if a faint, rapidly blinking red LED indicator can be seen, then the power supply is defective.  Note that if the supply is plugged in to the wall socket first, and then the SM is connected to the supply, it will operate correctly until the power is interrupted.  Alternately, the Sync module can be powered by any standard USB 5V supply (such as a phone charger) while a replacement is being shipped to you. 
Please note that if you do find yourself in this situation that there is no risk or danger in using the existing supply, other than the sync module going off line in the event of a power failure. 

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