Extended Clip Length

You can now record up to 60 second motion clips, as opposed to the previous 10 second limit.  With this update, there is also the option to end the recording if the camera doesn't detect anymore motion.  

If you just set up your system and don't see the option for 60 second recording, your system will receive the necessary firmware update within 24 hours.  You'll want to note that longer recording times can have an impact on battery life. For more information about battery life, click here.

To start recording longer motion clips, tap the gear icon above your camera.

After that, you'll be in that camera's settings menu.  You'll now see that the Clip Length slider goes up to 60s.  Go ahead and slide that to your desired clip length.

If you exceed 20 seconds on that slider, you will receive a pop up saying "Longer clip length will impact battery life".  Tap Ok to dismiss that message.

You'll also see a toggle next to "End clip early if motion stops".  If you'd like your clips to end early because there is no motion, tap that toggle.

Once you have all the settings how you'd like, tap the back arrow at the top of the screen to go back to the home screen.

That's it!  Your camera is now set to record for longer than 10 seconds!

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