How to Integrate Blink with IFTTT Services

We are excited to announce that we have now incorporated IFTTT support to Blink! This will allow you to integrate Blink into other service that you may already use and love.

Please note that IFTTT support is currently available in North America and Europe.

How do I set this up?

To enable IFTTT support, download the IFTTT app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Once the app is installed you will need to create or sign into your IFTTT account.

Once you are signed into IFTTT, tap on Search.

And then search for Blink and tap on the blue Blink logo.  If you're located in Europe, you will want to search for Blink (Europe).

You will be prompted to connect your Blink account with IFTTT.

Please sign in using the same email and password as you use for your Blink system.

Tap on Grant Access in order to be able to connect to pre-made applets or you can make your own with the service available through IFTTT.

Check out our article on how to setup your first Blink applet here.

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