Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used outside?

The Blink indoor system is not meant for outdoors however customers have successfully used Blink in protected outdoor areas (such as under an awning, on a covered porch, etc.) as long as it remains dry and within its operating temperature range of 32 to 95 degrees F. The camera is not weatherproof and any exposure to moisture and/or temperatures outside the operating range will void our one-year limited

The new Blink XT black outdoor camera is weatherproof and meant for use outside.

Can Blink be faced out a window?

While you can face Blink out a glass window to be used for Live View, the camera's motion sensor will not be able to detect motion when looking through glass.

What kind of batteries does Blink use?

Blink uses two 1.5v Lithium AA batteries.  These can be purchased from nearly any grocery store or convenience store.  They are also available on

Does Blink integrate with other smarthome platforms?

Currently, Blink integrates with IFTTT as well as Alexa.

Other than the Blink cameras and Sync Module, what do I need?

All you'll need is a WiFi network that broadcasts in 2.4 GHz and a mobile device.  For the mobile device, it must be running either Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later or iOS 9.3 or later.

What if I don't I don't have WiFi?

Blink requires a constant WiFi connection in order to operate.  Without WiFi, Blink will not function.  Your WiFi network must be broadcasting in 2.4 GHz and should have a minimum upload speed of 2mbps.

Can my system automatically arm/disarm?

Yes, you can! With our scheduled arming feature, you can set times in advance for the system to automatically arm or disarm for motion detection. For more information on this feature, please check out our support article here.


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