Welcome Blink Blue!

Blink customers might notice a change to their apps and the Blink service over the next few days. We are officially switching our main color from “blink green” to “blink blue”. There is nothing significantly different with your service beyond the color change and nothing you need to do.  

Our green color has served us well over the past few years and it was simply just time for a change. We are excited to move to a new brand color palette and look forward to your feedback.

Small User Interface Update for Your Blink App

We also made small changes to the Blink app on the homepage to improve usability. We have made each camera thumbnail, the “Live View” and “Snap Thumbnail” buttons larger on each camera.

In addition, we have updated the classic “gear” icon to a “slider adjustment” icon to align with best-in-class mobile applications available today. It is still the same location that you would go to adjust the individual setting for each camera.

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