Blink Siren Settings

Now that you have your Blink Siren added to your account, we'll now go over how to use it and its settings.

1. On the home screen of the Blink app, you'll see a new button.  This button is for your Siren.

2. When you tap that, you'll have two options: "Settings" and "Activate Siren".

3. When you tap Settings, you'll see a list of the Sirens that you have added to your account, and a duration slider on the bottom.  By default, the duration is set to 10 seconds, but this is configurable from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.  This changes the duration of all Sirens on your account.

4. If you tap the name of one of your sirens, you'll be able to rename it, do a 1 second test, or delete it.

5. Back on the home screen, if you tap "Activate Siren", all sirens on your account will begin to sound for your set duration.  You can stop the Sirens early by tapping "STOP".

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