Blink Technical Phone Support

Blink now offers technical phone support!  For help setting up or using your Blink system, we can be reached at (781) 332-5465 during business hours.  Our current business hours are 10am to 11pm Eastern time, 7 days per week.  If you're calling from outside of the United States, dial +1-781-332-5465 from mobile or 00-781-332-5465 from a landline.

When calling Blink for technical support, please be sure to have your Blink username available. Please note that troubleshooting in most cases must be done while you are physically with your Blink system.

We are not able to help with placing or changing orders through this number. For any pre-sales, sales, shipping, or order inquiries, please submit your request here and a member of our Sales Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you placed your order during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions and are looking to track your order, we expect all orders to be delivered by December 15th.  You will receive tracking information within the next few days.

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