How do I configure my camera to capture video in low light?

The Blink camera has a built in illuminator LED to capture video in low light situations.  When the illuminator is enabled and the Blink system is armed, the illuminator LED will automatically light to capture motion clips when the lights are out. 

Check out this video for an example of the illuminator capturing motion in low light situations.  You will notice that even though we can not see the subject in low light, Blink's motion detection can see in the dark and turn on the illuminator so we can see what happened in the motion clip. 

From Camera settings, we can enable this feature on a single camera basis.  Pick a camera that you would like to capture video in low light.  Tap the settings gear  next to that camera.

From the Settings panel, set the Illuminator Control to Auto and the Intensity to High.  With this setting, your camera will turn on the illuminator in low light conditions, but will not turn on the illuminator when ambient lighting is bright enough.  Tap the back arrow to exit your camera's settings.  Your changes will be saved.

To test this setting, turn on Live View with this camera the next time lighting is very low in this location.  Watch your video on screen and you will see that your Blink camera has turned on the illuminator to brighten the scene.  If you find that the illuminator is too bright, you can return to settings and try out Med or Low values for Intensity.

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