Alexa FAQ

What is the "voice code" number?

To disarm a home security system, Alexa asks for a voice code that you create during device set up. Anyone asking Alexa to disarm a Blink system can provide the voice code if they know it.

During setup of the Blink SmartHome Skill, you are asked to enter your Blink login information to connect your accounts on the two services. In this process, a Blink PIN is sent to the account phone number by text message, for verification. You enter the Blink PIN to confirm you are the Blink account owner, so the connection can complete. The Blink PIN is not related to the voice code that you create in the Alexa app.


Do Alexa Routines work with Blink SmartHome?

Alexa Routines are enabled for the Blink SmartHome skill.

Learn more about Alexa Routine Triggers‍.


How do you enable motion detection notifications for Alexa?

Notifications of motion detection are currently supported for Alexa devices.

Learn more about Motion Announcements.

Note: Alexa does not provide announcements for cameras using Local Storage to record clips directly to a Sync Module 2 with attached USB drive.

Why are Live Views saving as clips when that setting is disabled in the Blink app?

You can activate a Live View session from a camera that uses Cloud Storage by saying: "Alexa, show me <Camera Name>." Live Views show in the Alexa device for five minutes unless cancelled manually.

If you have the System Setting of "Save all Live Views" active when you ask Alexa to show you a camera on that system, the entire Live View is saved in Cloud Storage.

Does Blink SmartHome Skill support Auto Live View with Doorbell press or motion detection?

No, currently the Blink SmartHome skill does not automatically stream live view when the Blink Video Doorbell is pressed or motion detection is triggered. On Alexa devices with a screen, saying "Alexa, show me <Camera Name>."  begins a Live View session.

For Video Doorbells that are part of a subscription and connected to a Sync Module or powered wiring, you enter a Live View session when you tap the doorbell entry in the Alexa "Cameras" screen.

Note: Live View from an Alexa command is not available when the Blink Video Doorbell is in Event Response mode.

Do Alexa routines work with older Blink devices?

The XT and Indoor (gen 1) cameras are not supported on some Alexa Built in devices like newer smart TVs, the Alexa PC app, and other clients that use the Alexa web player.

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