Digital Chime Calibration

A digital door chime plays a recording when your existing doorbell button is pressed.

When you connect the Blink Video Doorbell to your existing wiring, it can activate your digital chime. During install, you are presented with a Calibration screen to make sure the digital chime sounds right. You can also start calibration in the Doorbell Settings screen.

If you do not hear a sound at all from your chime during the Sound Test, the activation time is too short for the sound file to play. Add time and the sound should be able to play.

Tap "Test Sound" to start Calibrating your digital chime.

You are asked to choose a response. If you choose "Yes, Chime Sounds Good" then you are taken to the Power Analysis step.


If you select either "No, It's Too Short" or "No, It's Too Long" you are presented with a level selector to choose your own preference. We recommend jumping two units at a time to be sure the change is noticeable.

The maximum length of chime is 60 seconds. Tap "Continue" when finished, and you are presented with the "Test" screen again.


When you are happy with the sound of the chime, tap "Yes, Chime Sounds Good" and the Power Analysis step begins.

Power Analysis

The Power Analysis step ensures that the power from your wiring is 16 - 24 vI can AC.

Power Analysis Successful

A successful Power Analysis shows you a Green checkmark. Tap "Continue".

Power Analysis not successful

If the Power Analysis does not succeed, you receive one screen if there is no Sync Module attached to the doorbell, and another if there is.



Without a Sync Module, and if the current is below 16 - 24 vAC, your system is  configured for Event Response only. In Event Response, the doorbell sends notifications for motion alerts and doorbell presses. Tap a notification within 60 seconds to start a Live View session.
Click this link to learn more about Event Response.

If you do have a Sync Module set up, and the power is below 16 - 24 vAC this screen informs you that the doorbell is on battery power only. The Sync Module helps improve battery life by taking over a lot of communications with the Blink servers.

Tapping "Continue" takes you to the app homescreen where you can name the doorbell and test it out.

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