The Account Management Screen

The Account Management screen contains your contact, app and subscription related information. It is accessible by tapping the Account   icon on the bottom of your Blink app's screen. Refer to the descriptions below to learn about the different options you can access in the Account Management screen.

This is the email account used when creating your account. You can change your email by tapping on this item and following the prompts.

Use this option to modify your account password. Click here to learn more.

Phone Number
This displays the phone number associated with your account for verification purposes and can be modified. Click here to learn more.

This option helps us personalize your experience when you select the country you live in, by ensuring you receive the right messages based on your location.

Grant Blink Support Account Access
Enable this toggle to give the support team access to your account for up to 14 days. Click here to learn more.

About Blink
Tapping on this provides information on your app's Version, Build Number, and links to "Legal and Compliance" pages.

What's New
Tapping here will bring you to a page that contains the latest news and updates about Blink products.

Contact Customer Service
This option takes you to the Customer Service screen with contact links to assist you with orders, sales, general information and technical support.

Shop Blink
Tapping here will take you to our product page on where you can shop for Blink devices.

Link to Alexa
Use this option to directly open your Alexa app in order to enable voice alerts and voice control for your devices. Click here to learn more.

Link to Amazon account
Use this option before you purchase a subscription plan, in order to link your Blink and accounts. Click here to learn more.

Covered By Blink Plus Free Trial
This banner only appears for accounts created after April 15, 2020 and have Blink Outdoor, Indoor (2nd Generation), or Mini cameras. When you are within your subscription trial period it displays the days remaining. Click here to learn more.

Cancel my free trial
This option will unlink your accounts (if already linked) and remove the free subscription trial from your Blink account.

Delete Account
Tap this button to delete your account. If you delete your Blink account, you lose access to clips that are stored on our systems, as well as access to any Blink devices through the Blink app. Click here to learn more.

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