Local Storage - Why don't I see my camera?

Local Storage saves clips onto a Sync Module 2 with a USB drive* inserted. Find your Local Storage clips in the Blink app when you tap the media button  at the bottom of the screen.

The list of cameras that are available to Local Storage appears in the System Settings screen when Local Storage is active. Reach System Settings when you tap the settings icon  and select the system, or tap the "Sync Module" banner on the Blink app home screen of the system you want to know about.

If you do not find your camera on the list of Local Storage devices, there are usually two reasons.

  • The camera is not eligible.
  • The camera is already attached to a Blink Subscription Plan or trial.

Eligible Local Storage cameras are Blink Video Doorbell, Outdoor, Indoor (gen 2), and Mini.

Other cameras do not save clips to Local Storage. The XT2, XT, and Indoor (gen 1) cameras save clips to their own cloud storage instead.

Local Storage stops saving clips to USB when a Blink Subscription Plan‍ becomes active, and all clips begin storing in the cloud. When you set up a new camera, you receive a 30 day trial of the Blink Plus Subscription, which automatically includes all eligible cameras on your account.

When you have an active Blink Subscription Plan‍ and a Sync Module 2 with a recognized USB drive*, the clips in your cloud storage are backed up onto the USB drive once daily. You must safely eject‍ the USB drive to access clip backups.

For other assistance, please click to contact Blink Support.

* Type-A USB drive sold separately, maximum size 256 GB.

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