How do I setup a second, new phone, or new device?

To access your Blink system from another phone or mobile device, follow these steps:


If your phone number has changed, or you can't access the phone number you used to set up your Blink account, contact customer support for help. Please note, you must be with your Blink devices in order for customer support to assist you.

Install the app, verify the account

  1. Install the Blink app from the appropriate app store.
  2. Log in with your existing Blink app account email and password.
  3. Each time you log in, the Blink app displays a number entry screen and sends a new PIN number to the mobile phone associated with the account owner. 
  4. Enter the PIN to access the Blink app and select Trust this device if you don't want to enter a PIN for future logins. Learn more about how to manage mobile devices with account access.

Email and password information in Manage Account screen 

  • If you're having trouble with receiving the PIN code or have other issues, learn more about multi-factor security.
  • Blink account information, including systems and cameras, are visible on your new device. 
  • Any person signed in to your Blink account has access to view and manage your Blink devices and account. 
  • Although motion alerts may appear simultaneously on multiple devices for different people, one person at a time can can access the Live View for a motion notification.
  • If anyone logged into your Blink account deletes a clip, that motion clip is no longer available. 
  • To view the account email address on a device that is currently logged in, tap the Settings iconin the bottom right of the screen, and select Account and Privacy

Email and password information in Manage Account screen

  • Your email is shown at the top under Account Settings. Email and password information can be changed from this screen.
  • To change the email or password, the same account verification process is required as shown above.

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