Alexa Skills and Features

The Blink SmartHome Skill is available for Alexa enabled devices.

With this skill, the Alexa device can control your camera systems with similar features as the Blink mobile app. Alexa devices with screens are able to show you the camera view as well! 

Using just your voice, you can arm the system and perform a number of functions.

Learn more about the skill and how to install by visiting the Alexa setup and troubleshooting guide.

When you have a Blink Video Doorbell set up, and your Blink account is connected to the Alexa app, Alexa announces the doorbell and adds it as a new device that is inactive by default. To use the Alexa interaction, you must activate the doorbell in the Alexa app.

Once configured, a doorbell button press causes Alexa to chime, and say "Someone is at your <doorbell name>".

Click to learn more about using Alexa devices with the Blink Video Doorbell‍.

Blink also supports Alexa Routines. Routines are a simple way to configure a notification system that receives an input and provides a result based on your choices.

We have created an Alexa Routine named "Motion Announcements" that automatically notifies you when a motion alert is triggered by saying "Motion detected at.." then speaks the camera name.

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