Linking Blink and Alexa accounts

We have added a "Link to Alexa" option in the Accounts Settings screen. This link opens the Alexa app if it is present on your mobile device. If you do not already have the Alexa app installed, the link takes you to your app store to download it.

To link your Blink and Alexa accounts

  1. Open the Blink app, and tap the "Account" icon in the lower right side.
    Tap link to Alexa


  2. Tap "Link to Alexa".
    Tap link to Alexa


  3. Tap "Open Alexa App" and you are taken to the Blink SmartHome skill page in the Alexa app.
    Tap link to Alexa


  4. Tap "ENABLE TO USE" and you are sent to the Link Account Sign-In page.
    Search for "Blink SmartHome" and tap it


  5.  Enter the email address and password of your Blink account. Then tap the "Sign In" button.


  6. By default, multiple factor authentication asks you to confirm a PIN code we sent to your mobile device. Enter the code and tap "Verify Code".
    If you have not received a code within 2 minutes, tap "Resend Code".


  7. The Alexa app communicates with Blink account servers, and then displays a message saying, "Your Blink SmartHome account has been successfully linked."
    Tap "CLOSE" to begin device discovery.
    linked confirmation screen

Click for more details in our Alexa Setup and Troubleshooting Guide.

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