Troubleshoot the Blink Floodlight

The following checklist items will assist you in resolving issues with your Blink Floodlight.

Is your Blink app the most current version?

In order for your Blink Floodlight to function with your Outdoor camera, you must first be using the most current version of the Blink app. Click here to learn about keeping your device current with the latest app release.


Did you remove the battery pull-tabs?

After you remove the battery compartment, it is important to remove the pull-tabs in order for the batteries to make contact to power the Blink Floodlight. Click here to learn more about installing the Blink Floodlight.


Is the battery cover positioned properly on the unit?

Once the batteries are properly installed, you must close the compartment and reattach the back cover. If performed correctly the LEDs will blink brightly once on the floodlight. Click here to learn more.


Is the micro-USB cable properly inserted into the Outdoor camera?

Before you connect the micro-USB cable, you must completely remove the back and USB port covers from your Blink Outdoor camera. Once the USB cover is fully removed, reattach the back cover on your Blink Outdoor camera. Then firmly plug the Floodlight's micro-USB cable into your outdoor camera, making certain that you have a tight seal on all sides. Click here to learn more.


Are you using a compatible camera?

Only the Blink Outdoor camera is compatible with the Blink Floodlight and you must first have an outdoor camera set up in your Blink account, before attaching it to the mount. Click here for instructions on how to add your Outdoor camera to your account.


Is your Blink Outdoor camera using a firmware version of 10.47 or higher?

It is required that your Blink Outdoor camera has a minimum of 10.47 (or higher) firmware version installed, in order to properly function with the Blink Floodlight.

To check your firmware version, access the settings for your Blink Outdoor camera connected to your Floodlight by tapping the settings slider icon settings icon  located above the right top corner of the outdoor camera on the Home screen. Then scroll to the bottom to view your firmware version.

If your version is lower than 10.47, then make certain your camera remains online for at least the next 24 hours in order for your firmware to be updated to the current version by the Blink servers.


If you continue to have difficulties with your Blink Floodlight, please contact Technical Support.

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