Doorbell back plate

The Blink Video Doorbell attaches to its back plate. When the back plate is attached to a flat surface, the doorbell can be connected and removed more easily.

Electric Shock Hazard: When your back plate is connected to powered wiring, the terminal posts have live current. If you connect the terminals by touching them with bare skin or a conductive object like a screwdriver, electric shock can result. This is true whether the wires are connected to the back plate or directly to the doorbell body.
Turn off power at the breaker before removing the doorbell from the back plate.

There are two main types of back plate for the doorbell. Use only two screws for each. 

1. For the doorbell with a weather resistant battery cover, the three-hole back plate only needs to securely hold the doorbell in place, no seal is required.

Battery cover and Doorbell

Back plate


2. The other back plate has two mounting holes and forms a weatherproof seal with the doorbell body.

You may have received a replacement back plate that looks slightly different from the original. We added a stiffener plate and a foam layer to prevent any repeat problem.

When mounting the back plate to a surface, use only two of the included all-purpose screws.

Click for information about installing a wedge or corner mount‍.

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