Controlling Your Blink Floodlight in the App

Once you have your Blink Floodlight successfully installed, you can manually operate the lights from the app home screen or Live View. The following explains how to turn on and off the LEDs from both screens within the Blink app. When the LEDs are manually turned on from the app home or Live View screens, they will automatically shutoff after 60 seconds.

Home screen light control

After your Blink Floodlight is added to your account, the app home screen will display two bulb icons at the bottom of your outdoor camera's thumbnail. When you tap the bulb on the right side to switch on the lights, a notification confirms that action with the time-frame.


Tap the bulb on the left side to switch off the lights.


Live View light control

You also have the option to control the lights on the Live View screen by tapping on the Turn On and Turn Off buttons, which turn blue only while pressed.


If you tap More, you can access the Device Settings in the More Actions menu. To learn more visit Blink Floodlight App Settings.


Below is an example of full screen Live View with the Lights On button pressed. Click to learn more about how to access Live View.

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