Can I recover deleted clips?



Deleted clips are immediately and permanently removed from Blink servers and cannot be restored.

For your security, every cloud based clip that is deleted through the Blink app gets removed permanently from our servers. This includes all clips and Live Views stored with a Blink Subscription or trial. Blink Customer Service has no access to your clips, deleted or not. Click to learn about deleting clips with the Blink app.

Clips in cloud storage, are stored for a maximum of 60 days (30 days in the EU, UK) before being automatically deleted. You can adjust the automatic delete setting in the Blink app from its default of 60 days (30 days in the EU, UK) to 3, 7, 14, or 30 days. Click to learn more about how clips are automatically deleted‍.

With Local Storage, your clips are stored on the USB drive you inserted into a Sync Module 2. When you delete a Local Storage clip with the Blink app, it is deleted from the USB drive. There are ways to recover deleted files from a USB drive, but it requires specialist skills to do safely. Blink cannot retrieve deleted images, or restore them to you.

To access Local Storage clips on your computer, first understand how to Safe Eject the USB drive from a Sync Module 2‍ and move it to your computer. Click to learn more about Local Storage.

Even without the storage option of a Blink Subscription or Local Storage,  you can still receive motion alerts and Live View sessions from Blink devices.

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