I can't see my clips

Are your clips not displaying as expected?

If your clip roll is not displaying clips as expected, there may be a few causes.

Are your devices covered by a subscription?
Motion Clips are saved to cloud storage when your subscription is active. Clips in cloud storage are viewable in the Blink app.

If you have a Sync Module 2 with USB drive (sold separately) and an active subscription, then a daily back up of cloud files gets saved to the USB drive instead of clips. These back up clips are not viewable in the Blink app, they are accessed directly from the USB drive when you move it to your computer. Click to learn more about how to access clip backups on Your USB Drive‍.

Are you using Local Storage?

When you are saving clips to Local Storage, they are viewable in the Blink app when you tap the media tab .

Is your camera system armed, with one or more cameras active ?

To capture motion clips, your camera system must be armed and at least one camera must be active. Click for more details about arming your system.

Do you have Filters active?

Check if the Filters are set in the lower right corner of the Media screen. The following image shows that 1% of storage is being used, but there are no clips viewable. Notice that the Filter is active, as shown by a solid color dot:. In this case, all clip types have been deselected in the filter settings, resulting in "No Clips" being visible.

active filter set with an empty clip roll

If no filter is active, the "Filter" link is shown with a white-filled dot as shown below.

the filter setting for the clip roll

Tap "Filter" to view and select your options. You can add or remove clip types by tapping the event type icons across the top of the screen. An icon with filled in background means it is active.

Note: The Edit option is only available on iOS devices. Click here to learn about deleting multiple clips at once.

The icons are, in order:

Motion Clips      Saved Live Views      Photocaptures

Below the event-type icons, you will find the names of all cameras and systems associated with your account. You tap the name of a system or camera to show those clips. A checkmark shows which items are active.

The "Keep filter between sessions" toggle will keep the filter active if you close and open the app. When you log out of the app, your filters are reset.

Tap "All/None" to select all of the available systems and cameras.

Tap "Done" to save the filter options and return to the clip roll screen.

Landscape view

Viewing your clips should resize to the width of your screen. If your screen rotation is locked, the clips will not resize to fill the screen. Check screen rotation lock in the device settings.

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