Login Attempts Exceeded

For your security, 5 unsuccessful login attempts causes the account to be locked out for 10 minutes.

Upon the 5th attempt, a message stating that the account has been locked, along with the Device name and its IP address, is sent to the account email address.

Note: If the email doesn't appear in your inbox, please check your junk and trash folders.  You can also add no-reply@blinkforhome.com as a trusted sender in your email account, to ensure messages from Blink arrive in your inbox.

After 10 minutes, you can attempt to log in again.

Note: If you choose the "Forgot Password" option on the log in screen, the original 10 minute lockout period must complete before the new password can be used to login. This can cause confusion when the new password does not seem to work. Please only tap the "Forgot Password" option once. Make sure that 10 minutes have passed since the 5th unsuccessful login attempt, and then you can use newly created password.

If you have waited longer than 10 minutes and are unable to log in, please contact Customer Service here.

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