Your System Has Been Offline for 30 Minutes

If you have received a push notification saying your system has been offline for 30 minutes, it means that your Sync Module or Mini camera is not connected to the Blink's servers. This can happen if there is a change to your wireless network, or the loss of power or Internet to your system. If you tap on the notification, your Blink App will open to the following screen:

system offline alert

If you've recently made changes to the Wi-Fi network, such as a new router or change of password, tap the Change Wi-Fi button to reconfigure your Sync Module or Mini camera on the new network.

You should verify that your Wi-Fi is functioning, and that your Sync Module has power. When your Sync Module is online, both the green and the blue LEDs display steadily. Mini cameras will not display any LEDs when idle and online. For more details, visit the support page for Sync Modules here and Mini cameras here.

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