Weather-Resistant Power Cable and Power Adapter Pack

Blink offers a Weather-Resistant Cable and Power Adapter Pack rated to the IP-55 Standard. The adapter delivers power to the Blink Outdoor or Indoor (3rd Gen) camera, supporting longer battery life. This cable is not compatible with the Outdoor 4 camera.

Visit the sales page for Blink's Weather Resistant Power Cable and Adapter.

Note: While the camera can run on USB power, you should keep fresh batteries in the camera in case the power goes out, or the cable is disconnected.

A specially shaped USB plug fits the case opening of the camera. When installed correctly, the Power Adapter Pack and Blink Outdoor Camera provide reliable function year-round.


  • IP-55 rated Weather-Resistant
  • Mini USB male, to electrical mains adapter
  • 5 Volt 1 Amp current at the micro USB plug

To Install

  1. Make sure the cable reaches to your camera without being stretched.

  2. Remove the back cover of your camera. Learn more about removing your back cover.

  3. The port protector is attached on the inside of the camera case by a strap. Push the silicone port protector into the opening of the camera's back cover, then pull the silicone port protector to remove.

  4. Ensure the adapter plug and camera case opening are free of debris, dirt, oil or liquid of any kind, and then insert the micro USB end of the plug into the camera. You may feel slight resistance as the silicone is fitting the camera case, however the plug should seat without difficulty. If you feel the need to force the plug to fit, it may not be seating correctly. Please double check if the plug is held with the correct side up.

    Notice in the Side View image of the plug, how the plug shape follows the curve of the camera back. You will still see a small gap (about the width of a fingernail) when the plug is inserted fully, this is part of the plug design.

  5. Once the plug is securely in place, check the fit of your mounting location before connecting the camera to the mount. If the fit is too tight, the USB plug may be pulled from the camera accidentally.

  6. With the cable attached to the camera, plug the power adapter at the other end into your electrical outlet.

  7. Check the camera function by taking a thumbnail image or opening a Live View session to be sure you have the camera view you need.

  8. The USB plug is compatible with Blink accessories. For instance, an opening is molded into the Camera Stand as shown.

    USB plug fitting through the camera stand bracket


  • Do not force the adapter into a power outlet.
  • Do not expose the adapter or cable to liquids.
  • If the adapter or cable appears damaged, stop using it immediately.
  • When installed, check if the connectors are being pulled by a tight cable.
  • Move the camera if necessary, to prevent the cable from pulling on the connectors and exposing your camera to the elements.
  • Check for any signs of malfunction such as smoke, or a burning smell from the adapter, or the camera it is attached to, as this is a sign of a damaged or incompatible power adapter.

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