RouteThis Help Guide

To better help our Technical Support agents troubleshoot network related issues, we have partnered with RouteThis Helps!

RouteThis helps our agents evaluate your wireless network by providing them with diagnostics to further explore troubleshooting options. With this information, we can ensure that your Blink hardware is running at optimal performance.

While running RouteThis Helps is not required, here are some examples of what it can help troubleshoot:

  • Errors when adding a Sync Module, doorbell, or camera
  • Large delays in your Live View sessions or motion clips
  • Device disconnects
  • Signal strength and speed issues
  • Wireless (WiFi) coverage

Step 1

Download RouteThis Helps

The free RouteThis Helps app is available for download on your phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.

routethis ios app download    routethis ios app download

Using RouteThis Helps

Once installed, it is very important that your mobile device is connected to the same wireless network as your Blink system. After making sure that you are on the correct network, open the app and tap BEGIN

launch RouteThis app

RouteThis will request location services access. Choose either "Allow While Using App" or Allow Once". Location data is only captured when the test is run.

location services access

You will be asked to provide a code before running the test. Enter in the code "BLNK".

Enter in the code "BLNK"

Step 2

Note: If you are using the Apple iOS version of the app, you will be prompted to identify your Wi-Fi network. Tap Get Wifi Network to grant access.

RouteThis Network Scan

Then place your phone or tablet next to the Blink device you're having trouble with and select I Moved It to start the diagnosis.

RouteThis Network Scan

The scan takes about 2 minutes. Do not minimize the app or check notifications while the scan is running.

RouteThis Network Scan

Step 3

When the scan completes you will see a screen displaying your speed test result. Note: Wireless speeds are expected to be about 10-20% slower than your wired speeds.

To view suggestions on how to improve your network speed and coverage, click IMPROVE NETWORK HEALTH at the bottom of the screen. Then follow the instructions on the next screen to improve your network.

RouteThis Network Scan RouteThis Network Scan

The following potential issues can be detected on a network.

  • Upload Speed less than 2 Mbps
  • Battery Saver Mode Detected
  • The scan was interrupted
  • Too many devices
  • Wi-Fi Network Congestion Detected
  • Cannot reach Blink servers
  • Poor connection quality in this area
  • Poor connection quality outside the home
  • Weak signal from your range extender
  • Weak signal with mesh Wi-Fi
  • High Router Usage
  • Range Extender Detected
  • Unsecured WiFi Network Detected
  • Older router detected
  • Latency detected to Blink Servers
  • Internet Connection Latency Detected
  • Merged Network Detected (Warning only)*
  • Connected to 5G

* Merged networks broadcast both 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies with the same name and password. This type of setup will not cause issues with the Blink system. Blink systems are capable of detecting and connecting to a merged network's 2.4ghz frequency, as long as the connection is clean and the signal strength is strong.

If you require further assistance after the test has completed, tap on the top right corner RouteThis Network Scan to copy your unique test code. Then paste this key into your email and send it to the agent assisting you.

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