Blink Device Software Security Updates (Devices No Longer Available for Purchase)

The security of your Blink devices is a top priority. Blink devices receive guaranteed software security updates until at least 4 years after the device is last available for purchase on our websites unless otherwise noted below or here. After that time, we strive to provide software security updates for as long as we can (subject to technical and other limitations).

The Blink app requires a minimum OS version on your mobile device. Your mobile device also relies on periodic security updates. Currently these are the minimum supported OS's needed to run the Blink application:

  • iOS software version 14.0
  • Android software version 6.0
  • Fire OS software version 7.0

Check out the table below to see software security update periods for the previous generations of Blink devices that are no longer available for purchase on Amazon websites.

Blink Device Software Security Updates at Least Through

XT2 (2018 Release)

XT (2017 Release)
No longer guaranteed

Indoor (2016 Release)
No longer guaranteed

Sync Module (2016 Release)

Please note that this is not a guarantee as to how long your Blink device will last. More information about your Blink device and its applicable warranty can be found here.


How long will my device last?

Blink devices are built to last, but there may come a time when you want to trade in or recycle your device. If you choose to trade in an older device, the Amazon Trade-In program provides customers an Amazon Gift Card in exchange for thousands of eligible items, including Amazon and Blink devices. Explore options with Amazon Second Chance.

What does “last available for purchase on our websites” mean?

Availability for purchase on our websites refers to when the device is being sold by Amazon (excluding third-party sellers) as a new unit on or international equivalents.

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