Blink Subscription Plus Plan Free Trial

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A 30-day free trial of the Blink Subscription Plus Plan begins when you set up your new Blink Video Doorbell, Blink Mini, Outdoor, or Indoor camera. At the start of your free trial, you will see a carousel which guides you through the benefits of subscription plans. When you are within your 30-day free trial period, you will also see a banner on the home screen of your app that shows the remaining days of your trial period.

Additionally, you will receive emails regarding the remaining days of your trial, with links to assist you with purchasing a subscription plan. Paid subscription plans are not billed until the free trial expires. Click here to learn more about Blink Subscription Plans!

The free trial of the Blink Subscription Plus Plan covers an unlimited number of devices on your account and provides the following benefits.

  • Motion-activated notifications
  • Live view streaming
  • Extended Live View for 90 minutes (available only for Mini cameras)
  • Motion detection video recording
  • Live view recording (does not include extended live views)
  • 60-day unlimited video history
  • Rapid video access (instantly watch your videos as soon as they’re recorded)
  • Video sharing
  • Photo Capture (images captured periodically for more coverage on Blink Video Doorbell, Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras.)

When additional new devices are added to your account during your free trial, your trial period will increase to a maximum of 30 days. Once your free trial ends, no new recordings will be saved to the cloud and your existing cloud recordings will be deleted based on your settings in the Blink app. Any cameras currently subscribed to a Basic Plan will continue to be billed.

When you purchase a Blink Plus Subscription plan you will also receive 10% off Blink devices on and extended warranty coverage, in addition to all of the benefits you enjoyed during your free trial. Click here to learn more about Blink Subscription Plans.

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