What is the BLINK-XXXX temporary Wi-Fi connection?

When adding a Sync Module, Blink Mini camera or Video Doorbell, you will be prompted to connect your Blink app to the local Wi-Fi networks for those devices. It is named “BLINK-" followed by the last four digits from the Sync Module or Mini serial number. The Sync Module manages communications between your Blink devices and our secure servers; therefore, your camera needs to connect to its local Wi-Fi. Mini cameras do not require sync modules for those communications, which is why they broadcast their own local Wi-Fi connections.

Sync Module Example
Mini Example
Doorbell Example

Click here to learn how to add a Sync Module to your system, click here to learn how to add a Blink Mini camera, and click here to learn how to add a Blink Video Doorbell.

It is completely safe to connect your mobile device to your local "BLINK-XXXX Wi-Fi" connection and there are no security issues. If you encounter any problems connecting to your local Blink Wi-Fi, please refer to the following information to resolve your issue.

Troubleshoot Blink Wi-Fi Connections


On some devices running iOS 14 make certain the Blink app has "Local Network" access enabled, or else you may not be able to join the Blink network and will be directed back to the Discover Device screen. This setting can be accessed through the following steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Privacy.
  3. Next, tap on Local Network.
  4. A list then displays of all the apps that have requested permission to communicate on their local network. If Blink appears then it must be enabled.


If you experience issues connecting your to your Blink local network on an Android device when adding a sync module, (ex. "'Stay Connected" pop-up message) then refer to the following steps.

1. Select the device to use with your Blink system and tap Connect.

2. Next tap the Go to Settings button.

3. Then select See more to view all of your Wi-Fi options.

4. Select the "BLINK-XXXX" Wi-Fi connection as shown below.

5. When prompted with a "Confirm connection" message, select Keep.

6. Then select you Internet Wi-Fi connection in the "Add Sync Module" screen to complete the process of adding your sync module.

The following video shows the steps for manually adding a Sync Module using an Android device.

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