Blink USB Flash Drive


Blink offers a 64 GB USB flash drive that can be used with the Blink Sync Module 2 to store clips from your Blink camera system in one of two ways.

With an active subscription, the recognized USB drive in your Sync Module 2 begins a once daily Clip Backup of all unsaved motion clips. Click to learn how to use clip backup. Clip backups are not viewable in the Blink app, you must access the backups directly from the USB drive in your computer. Click to learn more about how to access Clip Backups on Your USB Drive‍.

With no subscription

With no active subscription, a recognized USB drive in your Sync Module 2 begins saving motion clips to Local Storage. Motion clips saved to Local Storage are shown in the Blink app clip list when you tap the media icon . Only clips from eligible cameras are saved.

Eligible Cameras

The following cameras save clips to Clip Backup and Local Storage:

  • Blink Video Doorbell
  • Outdoor and Indoor (gen 2)
  • Mini

The drives are currently available for sale. Click to view the Amazon product pages for the US and Canada.


If your USB drive is not recognized, you can format it for ExFAT with a computer.

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