Biometric Unlock

Biometric Unlock - Android
Face ID - iOS
Touch ID - iOS

We can use the biometric features of your device to keep unrecognized persons from opening the Blink app. 

  • Biometric Unlock works when you are logged in, and have it enabled from the Settings screen.
  • When you log out of the Blink app, Biometric Unlock is reset to "off".
  • Each device running the Blink app has its own Biometric Unlock setting.

    Note: When Biometric Unlock is "On", Android devices are prevented from saving screen captures.

This optional app-opening feature does not affect any device OS settings, and does not replace the normal Blink app login process. Using Biometric Unlock prevents access to your Blink account if you let someone else use the device when it is running the Blink app. If your device does not have a biometric security feature, this setting has no effect.

To enable Biometric Unlock/ Face ID Unlock/ Touch ID Unlock:

  1. From the Blink app Home screen, tap the gear icon  to visit the Settings screen.
  2. Tap the "Biometric Unlock" toggle to the on position as shown in the image.

    Note: For iOS, the toggle is named "Face ID", or "Touch ID" depending on your device.

Now, when you open the Blink app, it requests a recognition before showing itself. This will continue until you log out of the Blink app, or turn Biometric Unlock "Off" by tapping the toggle again.

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