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iOS VoiceOver

Your motion clips and Live View sessions get described with Apple's scene recognition technology! 

VoiceOver features in iOS 15 or later, are integrated with the Blink app from version 6.14.0 on.

When the iOS Accessibility settings of "VoiceOver" and "Image Descriptions" are set to "On", you hear an audio description of Live View sessions, and all clip types when you tap their image in the Blink app.

This is a device level feature, so it will work with clips from any Blink camera.

Below, are real examples of VoiceOver describing Motion Alerts from Blink cameras.

Doorbell Example

One potential interaction would be for the owner of a Blink Video Doorbell that is installed and active.

Must have:

  • At least iOS15 device.
  • VoiceOver "On" and Audio Descriptions "On".
  • Blink app version 6.14.0 or later.

A doorbell press creates a notification that you tap to enter Live View.

When Live View opens, the scene description is spoken from your device speaker.

In the Media Tab, tap a clip image to hear the description.

How to turn on VoiceOver and Audio Descriptions

On your iOS device, go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver

Scroll down to "VoiceOver Recognition" and tap it.

Set "Image Descriptions" to "On".

Tap the "Back" arrow to return to the VoiceOver screen, and scroll to the top.

Set "VoiceOver" to "On".

If you are not already familiar with using VoiceOver, please take a few moments to learn basic navigation and operation gestures.

Pay special attention to how your device turns "Off" VoiceOver so you can quickly return to a familiar interface if needed.

Devices with Siri active can turn off VoiceOver with the command "Siri, turn off voiceover."

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