Deleting a System

A Blink camera system is the center of our product. Cameras attach to a system through the Sync Module, and the Blink app manages systems.

When you delete a system, all of the devices on that system are also deleted. This can be an easy way to quickly remove items from your account, like when you are selling a device or doing a system reinstall.

You are sent a notification email whenever a system is deleted.

When you delete individual devices, remember that the "system" still exists even with no devices attached.

A partially complete installation can also leave you with a system that has no devices attached. Add devices from the Blink app Home screen, as described here.

To delete a system

1. From the Settings screen of the Blink app, tap Settings to view system settings and select Device and System Settings.

Tap the gear icon to reach system settings

2. Tap the name of the system you wish to delete.

Tap the system you wish to delete

3. From the System Settings screen tap Delete System and then confirm this action when you tap DELETE in the confirmation popup.

Tap delete system confirm that you want to delete the System

4. You are returned to the Device and System Settings screen and the system you deleted is no longer present.

Return to the Home screen to add new devices, as described here.

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