How Can I Receive Notifications of Motion Detection?

A Blink system can send an alert to your mobile device when motion is detected by any associated camera that has motion detection enabled. Cameras on a different system are not affected.

Alerts are sent only when a system is armed. You can arm a system from the Blink app home screen, or when you create an arm and disarm schedule with the instructions here, or from Alexa enabled devices according to the instructions here.

For a system with one camera that has motion detection disabled, the system does not arm, and alerts are not sent.

To change motion detection settings, follow our instructions here

To verify that your Blink system is recording clips, access stored media with our instructions here, or when you tap the media icon in the Blink app.

If your Blink system is armed, at least one camera has motion detection enabled, then enable notifications in your device Settings with the following guidance.

iOS users:
Settings > Notifications > Blink

Ensure you have "Allow Notifications" On and select the notification types you would prefer.

Android users:
Settings > Notification Center > Blink

Ensure you have "Allow notifications On" and select the notification types you would prefer. Custom alert sounds are supported.

Please note you will not receive notifications when visiting the Blink app's Clip Roll media screen.

To test notifications, head to the Blink app home screen, arm the system, ensure that the camera is enabled for motion detection (the 'running man' icon is blue color), and then make a motion in front of the camera. Within a few moments, you should receive a notification that a motion was detected.

Please note that you must be signed in to the Blink app to receive notifications on your mobile device.

If you notice that the events triggering a motion alert were not of interest, you can adjust the motion sensitivity, adjust the camera view, or change the infrared light brightness.

Motion detection is based upon a group of pixels changing position on the camera sensor. The size of an object as it appears to the sensor is related to the object's heat and distance from the camera. A nearby object can appear the same as a larger object farther away.

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