What is the Retrigger Time? Is This Configurable?

There is a delay from the end of a motion clip to the start of the camera capturing a new motion clip.  This is in place to avoid sending too many motion alerts during expected motion triggers.  To clarify, the camera turns on instantly (within a fraction of a second) to record a video clip when motion is first detected.

When you first come home to your Armed Blink system, you can trigger a motion alert by walking past your camera.  The delay between clips or retrigger time gives you enough time to Disarm your system.  By default, the system will capture a 5 second clip, wait for the retrigger time of 30 seconds and if motion continues, capture another 5 second clip.  This retrigger time time can be configured under camera settings.

Each camera has an individual retrigger time setting.

1. Tap the settings slider settings slider icon next to the camera you would like to adjust.

2. In Camera Settings, we can adjust the Retrigger time value from 10 to 60 seconds. To increase the retrigger time move the slider to the right and to decrease the delay move the slider to the left.

Camera Settings

3. When you have this setting where you want it, tap Save.

4. From your home screen, you can Arm your Blink system and then walk through the field of view of your adjusted camera to trigger. You will receive a motion alert on your screen. Continue to walk through the field of view of this camera for the length of your delay. You will receive a second motion alert when your system has captured another clip. If the retrigger time was too short or too long between captured clips, you can return to camera settings to fine tune.

motion alert

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