How can I view Motion Clips?

From your Blink home screen, you can access all of your motion clips when you tap Clips Clip Roll icon .

To begin saving clips, please follow our article arming your system

New clips have an orange dot. Tap a clip to show the video in the clip player. 

Note, you may have multiple clips of the same motion if your cameras are armed and their views overlap.

clip list

Note: The Edit option is only available on iOS devices. Learn how to delete multiple clips at once.

When you tap a clip, the video will begin playing automatically in our clip player.

clip list

While playing a motion clip, you can tap anywhere on the video that is playing to bring up options like Share, Delete, Close the player, or access Live View from that camera.

tap on the video for options

How to mark clips as viewed

You also have the ability to mark single or multiple clips as viewed, without viewing them first. Only cloud storage clips can be marked as viewed. You have cloud storage if your account was started before April 16, 2020, or if you have an active Blink Subscription.

Note: When you set up a new Blink camera, you begin a 30 day trial of the Plus Plan subscription and all of your clips save to the cloud.

Learn about Blink subscription plans and how they work with cloud storage.

The following shows how this is done using either iOS or Android devices.

When viewing your clip list, tap Edit and then select the unviewed clips you want marked as viewed. You can also Select All. Then tap Mark as Viewed in the bottom right of your screen.

The clips you selected will then display as viewed, without orange dots.

When viewing your clip list, select the unviewed clips you want marked as viewed. You can also SELECT ALL. Then tap MARK AS VIEWED in the top center of your screen.

Ensure you receive notifications when a new clip is recorded.

The new Sync Module 2 has a Local Storage feature which allows you to save video from Blink camera systems onto a USB drive (sold separately), which can be inserted into a computer to view your clips.

Learn more about Local Storage.

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