How to Remove the Back Cover of Blink Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

For Outdoor and Indoor (gen 2) cameras, the batteries and Device Serial Number (DSN) sticker are found inside the back cover. The serial number is needed to add a device to a system. For your convenience, we added a QR code version of the serial number to scan with the Blink mobile app. Click to learn about adding an Indoor (gen 2) or Outdoor camera‍ to your system.


Before trying to remove the back cover, you must remove the camera from any mounts or accessories. This includes any third-party products.

Your camera shipped with a silicone disc covering the screw that secures the back cover.

The screw slot allows you to use the included opening tool/mount adapter unscrew the camera back. You can also use a coin, or flathead screwdriver.

A plastic sticker on the back of the camera shows the direction to turn. Turn left (counter clockwise) to open, and right (clockwise) to close.

Remove the film before camera use.

To remove the back cover and open the camera

1. If it is present, remove the silicone protective cover from the fastening screw, and keep it for future use.

2. Use the included opening tool, to turn the screw counter-clockwise (turning to the left) until the screw spins freely.

3. Apply side pressure on the opening tool to gently pry the cover loose. As shown in the illustration, be careful to hold the camera on its side, to allow the cover to come off.

3.a. (Accessibility) Another way to remove the back cover after it is unscrewed completely, is to turn the opening tool around and insert the mounting end into the camera's back cover (you will feel and hear a click when the mount is secured). Then, if you pull the opening tool gently, the camera's back cover also comes off because the two are now attached.

To secure the back cover and close the camera

1. Align the guide notches as shown, and gently hold the cover in place against the camera body.

2. Turn the screw clockwise (turning to the right) approximately three turns, or until snug. Take care to prevent over-tightening. The cover should be flush with the camera body when you are done.

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