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Photo Capture shows your day in a few seconds

Photo Capture for Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras automatically converts hourly images into a short clip that you can view in the Blink app. Photo Captures supplement motion clips to let you see more of what is happening in your camera view between events. Individual Photo Captures are created for each enabled camera on a system that is armed for motion detection.

When a camera with the Photo Capture setting on, is connected to an armed system, a still image is taken every hour and stored in the camera. If there are no motion alerts or Live View sessions, the hourly images are sent to the Blink server and put together as a clip at the end of the day.

Events like a motion alert or Live View session, force the camera to send whatever photo captures it has up to that point to the server, to begin processing new incoming imagery from the event. After the event, the next photocapture is taken the following hour.

You can view Photo Captures as a collection of photos, or frame-by-frame to see each image. When a schedule has armed the system, and no events occur, the Photo Capture clip gets created upon saving the 24th image.

How do I get Photo Capture?

Photo Capture is one of the features included with a Blink Subscription Plan and is available only for Blink Outdoor and Indoor (gen 2) cameras. Photo Capture is enabled by default for eligible cameras on an armed system.

How do I use Photo Capture?

If Photo Capture is enabled, hourly images begin saving whenever the camera system is "Armed". The feature is also active when a schedule has armed the system. Whenever the system is "Disarmed" no Photo Captures are stored or created, even if the setting is enabled.

Photo Captures do not create alerts of any kind, but they may appear near the time you receive a motion alert due to how they are created.

Note: Photo Captures respect Privacy Zones, but there may be other privacy considerations in your local laws and regulations, so please consider whether taking a regular photo is appropriate based on the camera's field of vision.

To use Photo Capture without receiving motion alerts
To receive a once-daily Photo Capture video that is not interrupted by Motion Alerts, simply Arm the system (Photo Capture is Enabled by default) and turn off Motion Detection when you tap the blue "Running Man" icon The running man icon is viewable on the home screen and it indicates if the camera is active for motion alerts. above the camera thumbnail in the Blink app Home Screen. Motion Detection is inactive when the icon is greyed out The running man icon is viewable on the home screen and it indicates if the camera is not active for motion alerts..
The running man icon is viewable on the home screen and it indicates if the camera is active for motion alerts.

In the image above, the Garage camera will not respond to motion and it will send once-daily photo Captures to your Clip List.

The Photo Capture feature is enabled and disabled on the Camera Settings screen. Tap the greyed out toggle to Enable Photo Capture.

the enable setting for the Photo Capture feature

Photo Captures appear as a clip in the clip list with a blue camera icon as shown here.

How is Photo Capture different than capturing video clips?

Capturing a video clip involves the camera taking a video in real time, as events occur.  Photo Capture, on the other hand is a clip made from images taken once an hour all day, then placed in your Clip List.

When can I see my Photo Captures?

Photo Captures are sent to your clip list right after they are made. A motion event or Live View session will force the Photo Capture to be created at that point and sent to your clip list. If the camera has Motion Detection turned off, and the system is armed, motion alerts do not occur and the Photo Capture is created at the end of every day.

Why are Photo Captures taken at a 640x360 resolution rather than at 1920x1080?

This resolution supports long-lasting battery life and image load speeds to provide customers with an optimal experience when viewing clips. 

What happens if my camera falls offline?

If your camera loses internet connectivity, it continues to capture images every hour. When your camera returns online the last 24 images are turned into a new Photo Capture. The camera's internal storage keeps images safe even when changing the batteries.

Can Photo Capture be enabled with Motion Detection disabled?

Yes, Photo Capture and Motion Detection are separate functions. You can arm a system to enable Photo Capture and then click the motion man icon to disable motion detection for each camera on the system. This allows you to monitor camera activity through Photo Capture instead of motion alert or Live View.

Can photos be taken when motion is being recorded?

When motion is being recorded, Photo Capture images are not stored. At the moment motion is detected, the Photo Captures taken up to that moment are uploaded and a clip is created. After the motion recording is complete, Photo Capture begins taking images for a new clip beginning in the hour after the event.

Note: Please use Photo Capture in compliance with applicable laws and respect the privacy of others. To protect certain areas of the camera view from any kind of recording activity, use Privacy Zones.

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