Previous Blink Skill Discontinued

Blink SmartHome adds new features

Blink announced the service discontinuation of the “Blink for Home” Alexa skill. “Blink for Home” is an outdated Blink Alexa skill limited to basic commands like arm and disarm. The current Alexa skill, “Blink SmartHome” supports many improved features such as live view, latest motion clip review, and arm and disarm using voice command.

To simplify and provide better service, we would like to give those who have the “Blink for Home” skill enabled the next 30 days to disable this skill and enable the current, “Blink SmartHome” skill. On March 2nd 2020, the “Blink for Home” skill was removed from your enabled skill list and was made unavailable for use.


How to Check if Outdated Blink Alexa skill is Enabled and Disable the skill:

  1. Open Amazon Alexa App and tap on the curtain menu (three lines) located on upper left-hand corner
  2. Select, “Skills & Games” and then, “Your Skills” to locate “Blink for Home” skill
  3. Once “Blink for Home” skill is located, tap “Disable Skill”

How to Enable Current Blink Alexa Skill:

Please enable the “Blink SmartHome” Skill

For Improved Commands:

Please visit here for a list of supported commands

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