Camera Connectivity Issues with Your Sync Module

The Blink system relies on having good signal strengths for optimal performance in viewing Live View feeds, uploading motion clips and video quality. It is critical for the cameras to have three bars to avoid performance issues. Anything less can exhibit intermittent issues with the performance of your system. Its important to note that the cameras utilize two types of signals for communication:

  • LFR - a.k.a "Low Frequency Radio", is the signal that cameras share with the Sync Module
  • Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) - is the signal that the cameras share with your Wi-Fi router

The Sync Module is the brain of the system and helps initiate the commands from the App to our Servers and back to your system. It only relies on having good signal strengths toward your Wireless Router. We recommend positioning your Sync Module in a "Man-in-the-Middle" style location, where it can receive a good signal from your Wi-Fi router but also have visibility to your cameras. Putting a Sync Module in a hidden area can also reduce its visibility and cause it to suffer from interference.

Obstacles and distance are the biggest contributors to poor signals. Weak strengths to your Sync Module can result in missed or delayed actions when attempting to view your cameras. Some examples of poor locations are: located behind a Television, inside a closed cabinet, on top of your Wi-Fi router.

Where to find Signal Strengths

Tap the three lined icon next to your camera's nickname and select General Settings. Next, tap the Update button to pull the latest readings for both the camera to Sync Module and camera to Wi-Fi connections.

camera settings page update signal strength button

You will want to move the camera closer to the Sync Module until you can see 3 bars of signal strength when you tap the Update button as shown above.

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