My clips are not saving

It is possible that your Blink system functions normally except that Live View and motion clips are not saving to your device when you want to share them.

You must grant permission for the Blink app to save clips to your device. Click to learn How Do I Share or Save My Motion Clips?‍ If your clips are not saving as expected, tap your operating system below.

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Make sure that the Blink app has access to your device storage.

1. In iOS, go to the Settings screen, scroll down to find the "Blink" app and tap it.

Settings screen for iOS

2. In the Blink app settings screen, tap the "Photos" section as shown.
Note: The "Photos" entry does not appear until you try to save your first clip. Visit How Do I Share or Save My Motion Clips?‍ for more information.

Blink app settings screen - tap Photos

3. In the Photos section, tap to select "Add Photos Only". A blue checkmark appears as shown.

Blink app Photo permissions screen - tap Add Photos Only



  1. Visit the main device Settings screen and tap the "General" tab, then tap "Apps & notifications".

  2. On the "Apps & notifications" screen, tap "App info"

  3. On the "App info" screen, find the "Blink" entry and tap.

  4. On the "App info" screen, tap "Permissions".

  5. On the "App permissions" screen for the Blink app, you can tap each of the device services that you want to enable. To save clips, select "Storage". To use two-way talk, select "Microphone". To add devices by scanning the QR code, select "Camera".


Note: You may need to close and restart your Blink app for the setting to take effect.

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