Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connections

  1. Please ensure you are using the correct password for your Wi-Fi network. It is usually printed on the router label, or one may have been created when your router was set up.

    If you are not sure you are using the correct password, please try connecting a new device (laptop, tablet or phone) to your Wi-Fi network. If your device is already connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can try disconnecting and forgetting the Wi-Fi network and then reconnecting by entering the password again. This will ensure that you are using the correct password and that your Blink app is connected to the Wi-Fi that you want to use for Blink products.

  2. If you have forgotten or misplaced the password of your Wi-Fi router, follow the manufacturer instructions to reset.

  3. Make sure that your router is not blocking access to the Sync Module. This can happen if you are alerted that a device is attempting access but the name is not familiar. Blink devices are sometimes identified by their radio chip instead of the Blink product name. Some known identifiers that you should allow if detected are listed here:
    - Generic Doorbell Camera
    - Generic Security Camera
    - My Simple Link
    - Texas Instruments
    - < no title >

  4. Certain older versions of firmware had issues connecting to networks with special characters such as: @ % : $ '  =  " ;  or multiple spaces in a row. This was resolved in newer versions of firmware.  If you do have special characters and your Sync Module serial number is less than 2xx-200-000, you may need to temporarily change your SSID and password to only letters/numbers and try the setup procedure again. Once your system is online, your Sync Module will be automatically updated to the latest firmware version.  If you do not have special characters or if changing them does not resolve your issue, please use the Get Help link to contact customer service.

  5. Do you use VPN on your mobile device?  If so, please disable VPN and proceed with setup.  You can enable your VPN after you complete setup.

If these steps don't resolve the issue, please contact us here.

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