Why we need your phone number

At Blink, your trust matters, so we are very serious about protecting your account and devices. We want to make sure that important changes are authorized by the account owner, so we ask for a phone number. This is not ever sold or used for marketing!

Blink has started using Text message (SMS)* to send one-time-use PIN numbers to the phone registered on the account. Generally, Text messages make authorization easier, but if you prefer email, our customer support agents can assist you. We only send a PIN to the registered number, so all other users must get their PIN from the owner of that phone when logging in or making any of the changes listed below.

If you do not use Text messages, or prefer a voice call*, we offer the option of having an automated system call you to speak the PIN number.

Our ONLY reason for asking your phone number is to provide secure and convenient authorization of the following actions:

  • Blink account login
  • Forgot Password
  • New device login
  • Change of phone number
  • Change of email address
  • Change of Blink password

Please contact Customer Support if you experience any difficulty or have questions: 781-332-5465* or toll free 1 833-392-5465.

If you are located in Europe and need technical assistance, please call us at +44 1158 384189*

*Receiving Text message (SMS) or voice calls, and calling Blink support, might cost you money. Please check with your phone service provider.

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