Valid Serial Numbers When Adding Sync Modules

In a new system during the Sync Module setup procedure, you may receive the message "You don't have any online Sync Modules, this is a dependent device, do you want to add a Sync Module first?".  

This occurs if you incorrectly scan or manually enter the serial number from a camera, which depends upon a sync module to operate. If you are presented with this error, you can tap Scan Sync Module Serial and then retry by scanning the correct serial number.

You can also add the Sync Module serial number manually.

The Sync Module has a sticker with its serial number and a QR code on the back. The QR code puts the serial number in a form that smartphone cameras can interpret and use for input, saving you the effort of entering the number manually.

The Sync Module 2 Serial Number is in the form of: XXX1-LNXX-XXXX-XXXX

The Sync Module Serial Number starts with a 2 in the format 2XX-XXX-XXX.

Indoor Sync Module

Indoor Sync Module

XT Sync Module
Sync Module 2
XT Sync Module
1st gen. Indoor Sync Module

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