Red Light on Sync Module

A red light on the Sync Module indicates it has no internet connection.


  • No blue LED.
  • A solid red LED appears during the setup process or after the Sync Module goes offline.

Red Light on Sync Module


  • Ensure correct Wi-Fi password. 
  • Restart power to Sync Module.

Detailed solution:

  1. The Sync Module creates its own network to communicate with Blink devices. The Blink App Sync Module setup asks you to join the "Blink-1234" network (with numbers reflecting your Sync Module serial number).
    After this step, you are asked to join the Sync Module to one of the 2.4 GHz wireless networks that the Sync Module can see. The list may not show all of the networks that your router has available, so when you choose a network for the Sync Module to connect to, make sure the device you have the Blink app running on is connected to the same 2.4 GHz network.
    When your phone/tablet and the Sync Module are on the same Wi-Fi network, please continue.

  2. During setup, ensure you are using the correct password for your Wi-Fi network. This is often printed on the wireless router label or may have been changed during the configuration of your wireless router.
    One way to double check your password is to use a different device to join the wireless network. It may be necessary to "forget" the network on your device so you can join it again using the password you are trying to use for the Sync Module.
    If your device is able to re-join the network, then your Wi-Fi password is correct. Please continue.

  3. If you use a VPN on your mobile device, it can interfere with the setup process. Some antivirus Apps install a VPN and activate it automatically. Go to your device settings and please disable any active VPN, then try the setup again. You can enable your VPN after you complete the Sync Module setup.
    If you do not have a VPN active, please continue.

  4.  A quick power reset of the Sync Module allows it an opportunity to re-establish an internet connection through your network. This includes unplugging the power cord either from the Sync Module or the wall socket, and waiting for 15 seconds before plugging it back in. You should see the Sync Module lights go through a few patterns, finishing with solid blue and solid green LED lights. If you still see a red LED illuminated, and the previous steps did not resolve your red light, please click here to contact us for further actions that may include sending you a replacement Sync Module.

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