Blink-#### Does not appear in my device's Wi-Fi settings

If the Blink-#### network does not appear in your mobile device's Wi-Fi settings follow these steps:

  1. Be patient – sometimes it can take a minute to appear. Try refreshing your networks list to see if it becomes an option.
  2. If it still hasn’t appeared, try switching your mobile device’s Wi-Fi off and back on. 
  3. If you don't see the Blink-#### network, you will want to perform what is called a “hard reset” on the unit. 

The following instructions will show you how to perform a hard reset on the Sync Module.

  1. First, use a thin object to press and hold the reset button until you see a red light. The reset button is located on the right-hand side of the Sync Module next to the USB port. Please note that this could take between 15-30 seconds. This will cause the Sync Module to reboot into setup mode.
  2. After you see the red light, release the reset button, and the lights will show a solid green and flashing blue light pattern.
  3. Once you’ve seen the set-up mode light pattern (solid green and flashing blue) your Sync Module is ready to be paired with your Wi-Fi network.

From here, you can use the following articles to demonstrate how to reconnect your Sync Module with your Wi-Fi network. 

If your Sync Module is still connected to your account but you’ve found the unit is offline, please click here.

If you’ve already reconfigured your Sync Module and it has been deleted from your account, or you are trying to set it up for the first time, please click here.

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