Preparing to setup your Indoor or Outdoor camera

The Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras are battery powered, lightweight, and reliable. Install the Blink mobile app to get your system started and view the cameras.

Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras communicate through a Blink Sync Module, the plugged-in 'coordinator' of your Blink system. A Sync Module can manage up to ten Blink devices. Both the camera and Sync Module need to access broadband internet over your Wi-Fi network. To help with placement and troubleshooting, a signal strength icon  is shown on the Settings screens for the Sync Module and camera.

Once installation is done, use the Blink mobile app to arm your system for motion alerts and to see the camera's view from your phone or tablet.

You will need your Wi-Fi password, and access to your email account. You will need your Amazon password to connect a Blink Subscription.

During account setup in the Blink app, you will be receiving a verification code in your email, and a verification code sent through Text message (SMS) to authenticate your device. After you log out of the Blink app, you are asked to repeat Text message authentication to log back in. If a family member is using your login, they will have to get their verification code from you. You have the opportunity to trust your device and avoid entering a code every login. You can also revoke access for individual mobile devices that have logged in to your account. Click to learn more about managing account access and trusting devices.

To get going quicker, it may be helpful to view the support page on your desktop computer, with your mobile device running the Blink app.

For mounting, Blink cameras come with a 'ball joint' mount that can be attached to many surfaces with the included screws. Attaching the mount or mount adapter to your camera can require moderate force before it clicks into place. To mount in brick or stucco, drill holes and insert the included plastic wall anchors. Click to learn more about mounting your Blink Indoor and Outdoor camera‍.

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