Camera Audio Noise

Blink cameras have a speaker and a microphone inside their housing.

The speaker volume can be controlled in Camera Settings‍ or Doorbell Settings‍, where you can turn off the microphone and speaker by changing the Enable Audio setting to off.

If you hear an echo, feedback, or sudden repeated squeal

When the camera picks up sounds coming from the Blink app and transmits them back to the Blink app, "feedback" is created. Feedback is a repeating sound that increases in pitch and volume, to the limits of the equipment. It can be very unpleasant or even cause hearing trouble.

Feedback usually occurs when you have the Live View of a camera open in the Blink app and you are within hearing range of the camera.

To avoid feedback, you can mute, or lower the volume of the device running the Blink app. 

To silence the Blink app in Live View, tap the speaker mute icon   in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also stop the Live View session, switch out of the Blink app entirely, or move out of hearing range of the camera.

If you hear 'chirping', 'digital noise', or 'robotic' sounds

Because the camera converts audio to a digital stream for Live View and recorded clips, extra sounds can sometimes be heard. You may hear a cluster of noises, 'scrambled' distortion, chirps, or clicks.

With any digital stream, the upload speed of your network plays an important part. When network speeds change quickly, compression errors can enter the audio stream. Blink devices expect at least 2 MB per second of upload speed available at all times, even when multiple users are online. Often internet service providers only advertise download speed, so be sure your network upload speed always has 2 MB per second available.

Distortion can sometimes be heard when the camera picks up background noises like blowing wind, traffic, and other sources of sound that experience a network anomaly when sent to the Blink app. What you hear would then have a 'digital' effect.

Unwanted sounds can happen when you place the camera near any hard surface. An example is placing the camera on a shelf, near a wall, set back from the edge. This would create a 'box' with three hard sides and a space in front. A hard surface reflects sound, and it is possible that the camera microphone will pick up the original sound and then the reflected sound, causing unwanted audio noise.

To avoid distortion, be sure your upload speed is 2 MB or faster. To silence the Blink app in Live View, tap the speaker icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also lower the volume of your device during playback.

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